Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans Explained

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High quality real estate projects funded by Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans Generate Interest which pays back your loan over one to five years.







Sample Real Estate Projects

Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans

What is it all about?

A Solid Financial Product

  • 6%-9% for 1-5 years
  • You get first position lien on properties
  • Interest is paid each month and full principal is returned at the end of the term
  • These products can be purchased inside or outside of Self Directed IRA accounts
  • You pay ZERO commissions, asset management fees

The Original Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans Resource

Our caring team of Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loan strategists have been helping a diverse cross section of American lenders improve their financial well-being for decades. We can assist you, just like we have thousands of other people, to customize a plan to achieve your financial objective to earn higher interest with significantly less risk to your principal than investing in volatile securities.

We only work with the most reputable companies that have a long track record of providing solid yields and principal safeguards for lenders.

Cutting edge technology is used to originate and distribute Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans. Your electronic payments are made in a timely manner through our efficient system. It is also easy to reorder a new loan when your existing loan is paid off, so your income continues to flow with no interruptions.

Our clients are so grateful and successful with our Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loan products that they gladly refer their friends and relatives who benefit from this vehicle to earn high, safer yields than are available elsewhere.

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